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We offer complete attendance solution which enables you to overcome difficulties arising because of improper time management. As there is no proper track record of in-time, out-time, late, early, work hours, Monthly muster register, Leave record and Annual Report of your Employees, We Provide you all the above details in our attendance solution, thus bringing good relationship between the management and the employees.
Features :
- Highly intuitive Set-UpWizaed that will get you up and running quickly
- User friendly appearance requires less time to get you educated for the software
- Flexible Shift timing can be defined with allowed grace time for late coming and early going. Also supports    multiple breaks with a configurable lunch break
- Weekly off 1 (e.g. Sunday) and a Weekly off 2 (e.g. Saturday) with specific timing, can be easily defined
- Easy Configuration of Company Holidays
- Leave Type is defined for Leave Entries
- Shift calendar is defined for scheduling different shift on different dates
- Scheduling of shift can be done by both employee and department wise
- Limited leave quota management, that allows to assign leave day(s) quota to employees consorted with 'Leave   Balance Report' to track balance leave day(s) of employees
- Invalid or missing punches can be detected by an MIssed Out Punch Report
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